Forest Escape
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Forest Escape

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 Forest Escape

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PostSubject: Forest Escape   Forest Escape I_icon_minitime8/7/2012, 11:39 am

Forest Escape

Forest Escape Wc3scr11

This is just a mini-game/maze game where your main goal is escaping the forest. There are four main quests and four optional quests. The base quest is, of course, to escape the forest.

Items are found from crates and other destructibles scattered around the map. There will be no item shops or any other shops in the forest where you are situated.

The map is timed. The timer is set according to the difficulty set by the player. There are some special events. Try to look for it.


The difficulty ranges from very easy to insane:
-very easy
Download the latest version here
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Forest Escape
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